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LEGO System and documentation, Version 1.3.1


Build yourself
Sources only
LEGO can be easily built with the line echo "use \"build.sml\";" | cml
Minor Patch (Updates a printing function for Proof General, removes architecture from version message)
1.3.1-3 patch
RPMs for Intel Linux, ELF format
RedHat RPM package (LEGO source code not included), also corresponding SRPM package
Sun Solaris
Source with binaries
Intel Linux (NB: has old aout binaries)
Source with binaries

IMPORTANT NOTE: To use the above binaries on an Intel Linux platform, you need to have support for the old 'a.out' binary format. On a RedHat system, you should have the 'aout-libs' compatibility package installed. Your kernel also needs to have support for aout binaries (which standard RedHat kernels do).

Update: for RedHat 6.0, you may need to edit the file /etc/conf.modules to add the line

alias binfmt-0064 binfmt-aout
The `aout-libs' package is no longer part of the standard distribution, but the version from RedHat 5.2, aout-libs-1.4-9.i386.rpm works for me.
-- David Aspinall, 19th August 1999

UPDATE: This does not apply to the RPM package, which has now been updated to use ELF format binaries (thanks to Martin Hofmann for rebuilding). To build LEGO from the plain sources or SRPM, you need NJSML 0.93, with CML.
-- David Aspinall, 22nd November 1999


For the above systems, the following documentation is available

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