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Implementation Tools

   The following tools were used to implement the calculator

Gofer is a small, freely available interpreted language which is closely related to Haskell 1.1, written by Mark P. Jones.

HUGS is the Nottingham and Yale Haskell User's (Gofer) System. It is an interpreted version of Haskell 1.4, the successor of Gofer, and freely available for personal or educational purposes from

Glasgow Haskell Compiler:
The Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) is a compiler for Haskell 1.4. Available with the Glasgow Haskell Compiler is a profiling system and the parsing tool ``Happy''. The Glasgow Haskell Compiler is freely available from The binaries produced by the GHC are significantly faster than the same code executing within HUGS, although the compilation process can be extremely time consuming.

Happy is a parser generator similar to the unix Tool yacc. It automatically generates code to parse a specified language.

Alex is a lex like package for generating Haskell scanners. It is available from dornan/alex.html, and its release is covered by a GNU public licence.

Martin Escardo