Nikos Mylonakis (Research Student)

Current research

My general research interests are type theoretical frameworks for algebraic specifications and software design. I am currently working on the design and implementation in type theory of different proof systems for algebraic specifications. I use a similar principle of encoding to the one used in LF, but not its underlying type theory. Instead, I use a more expressive type theory which is implemented in the proof checker Lego: the Uniform Theory of dependent Types (UTT).


Part of my research work is in the following papers:
S. Clerici, R. Pena and N. Mylonakis. Redes para procesos continuos en Miranda. In PRODE93, volume ISBN:84-00-07383, 93.

J. Perez and N. Mylonakis. An algorithm for type checking with overloaded and polymorphic functions. Report de recerca LSI-92-14-R, L.S.I. Department (UPC), 1993

Nikos Mylonakis. Behavioural specifications in type theory. (.ps file) In Recent Trends in Data Type Specification, volume ? of LNCS, Springer Verlag. 11th Workshop on Specification of Abstract Data Types. Oslo, Norway, September 1995.

Nikos Mylonakis. Adequate encodings of proof systems for algebraic specifications in UTT. (.ps file) CADE-13 Workshop on Proof Search in Type-Theoretic Languages, 1996.
Some conferences of my interest:
FLoC'96, ....

ETAPS'98, RTA'98.

ETAPS'99, FLoC'99.


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