ML-Club: Areas of interest

The ML Club discusses all aspects of the ML programming language. Subjects of particular interest to memebers of the LFCS include (in no particular order):

  • Formal program development (Extended ML)
  • Distributed ML (DML, LEMMA, C-LEMMA)
  • Global computation (Java ML)
  • Subtyping (and other aspects of type-systems)
  • Teaching ML (undergraduate teaching, on-line tutorial)
  • Programming tools (Interactive type-debugging, Visual ML)
  • See our publications page to get a better idea of our interests.

    We are also interested in (and involved in) projects outside the Lab:

  • SML'97
  • SML Basis Library
  • Abstract Hardware Ltd. produce advanced formal verification based system design tools using SML.
  • Harlequin MLWorks

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