TACAS 2002

Welcome to the web page for the 2002 International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for Construction and Analysis of Systems, TACAS2002.

TACAS2002 forms part of ETAPS etaps 2002 logo the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software.


Description of conference

TACAS is a forum for researchers, developers and users interested in rigorously based tools for the construction and analysis of systems. The conference serves to bridge the gaps between different communities --- including but not limited to those devoted to formal methods, real-time, software engineering, communications protocols, hardware, theorem proving, and programming languages --- that have traditionally had little interaction but share common interests in, and techniques for, tool development. In particular, by providing a venue for the discussion of common problems, heuristics, algorithms, data structures and methodologies, TACAS aims to support researchers in their quest to improve the utility, reliability, flexibility and efficiency of tools for building systems.

Tool descriptions and case studies with a conceptual message and theoretical papers with a clear link to tool construction are particularily encouraged. The specific topics covered by the conference include, but are not limited to, the following.

All accepted contributions will receive the same space in the conference schedule and in the proceedings, and technical support will be provided for allowing presenters to demonstrate their tools during their talks. Facilities will also be available for informal tool demonstrations during the conference.

As TACAS addresses a heterogeneous audience, potential authors are strongly encouraged to write about their ideas in general and jargon-independent, rather than application- and domain-specific, terms.

Invited speaker

The TACAS2002 invited speaker is Dr. Michael Lowry of NASA Ames Research Center. He will speak on

Software Construction and Analysis Tools for Future Space Missions

Programme committee

The programme committee for TACAS2002 is:
Thomas Ball (Microsoft) tball@microsoft.com home page
Ahmed Bouajjani (LIAFA, Paris 7) abou@liafa.jussieu.fr home page
Paolo Ciancarini (Bologna) cianca@CS.UniBO.IT home page
Rance Cleaveland (SUNY at Stony Brook) rance@cs.sunysb.edu home page
Matthew Dwyer (Kansas State U) dwyer@cis.ksu.edu home page
Javier Esparza (Edinburgh, previously TU Munich) jav@dcs.ed.ac.uk home page
Hubert Garavel (INRIA Rhone-Alpes) Hubert.Garavel@inria.fr home page
Patrice Godefroid (Bell Labs) god@bell-labs.com home page
Daniel Jackson (MIT) dnj@lcs.mit.edu home page
Claude Jard (IRISA Rennes) Claude.Jard@irisa.fr no home page
Joost-Pieter Katoen (Twente) katoen@cs.utwente.nl home page
Yassine Lakhnech (VERIMAG Grenoble) Yassine.Lakhnech@imag.fr home page
Kim Larsen (Aalborg) kgl@iesd.auc.dk home page
John Rushby (SRI) rushby@csl.sri.com home page
Mary Sheeran (Chalmers) ms@cs.chalmers.se home page
Bernhard Steffen (Dortmund) Bernhard.Steffen@cs.uni-dortmund.de home page
Perdita Stevens (Edinburgh) Perdita.Stevens@dcs.ed.ac.uk home page
Wang Yi (Uppsala) yi@csd.uu.se home page

Dates and submission information

Dates (TACAS is a Main Conference within ETAPS)

Authors' instructions: please follow the Springer LNCS instructions. Accepted papers will be required to follow these precisely, and submissions which deviate significantly, especially in length, may be rejected without review. In particular, your paper should include an abstract of between 70 and 150 words, and should be no more than 15 pages long.

Note that all submissions must be original and dual submission, including to other ETAPS conferences, is not allowed Dual submission may result in automatic rejection from both conferences.

The submission web site is http://tacas2k2.cs.utwente.nl/