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*My PhD
I am currently working on my PhD in the Computer Science department at the University of Edinburgh, where I also gained my first degree. My Thesis Proposal is concerned with investigating the WWW/Internet as a distance learning environment, i.e, its capability and potential as a groupware tool to deliver course material, promote and support collaboration and effective learning. It is argued that the WWW has features which introduce a new dimension to the concept of distance learning as we understand it, that its hyper-media nature offers advantages which no other media does.
Distance education has always taken advantage from the development of communications, and the Web is no exception. In the past post service and books, nowadays, the communication technology plays the same role, telephone, television, video conferencing, and now computer networks. The more we use technology in our day-to-day life, the larger is its reach and implications in all different areas. Technology is only one factor, among many.
*A report on the 5th WWW conference in Paris
In this report I give my comments on the "Teaching and Learning with the WWW" Workshop I took part and also a small summary of some of the panel and paper sessions I attended.

WWW and Distance Education

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