Rolling Your Own Sushi

by Mark Hutchenreuther

Reorganized 9 November 1995. See Change Record at end of page.

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Itadakimasu! (Bon Appetite!)

Little Did I Know...

I originally created this material as a handout for a workshop that I gave at a Mensa regional gathering in San Diego. After I got access to the World Wide Web, I decided to convert my handout into a web page. That was in December of 1994. Then things started to happen:

The March 1995 issue of NetGuide magazine featured an editorial review of my original page. I was alerted to this by a fellow Mensan and lunatic, John Olsen aka Johnny Automatic.

Ziff-Davis Press released Atlas to the World Wide Web on CD-ROM and in a CD-ROM/book package. They requested credit information for my graphic of a California Roll, as an illustration in the book.

ALC Press Inc. in Japan requested permission to use my page in their new English class for Japanese based on Internet and WWW resources. They are the leading company in Japan teaching English to Japanese.

Point Communications noted that my page made the top 5% for the month, and requested permission to link to it.

A chef Instructor at the Culinary Arts Academy of the University of Indiana in Pennsylvania requested permission to use my page in his class on cooking.

A senior at the College of William & Mary contacted me for material for a research paper for her class in Japanese Society.

Someone wondered how I got listed on the Japan Infoweb page. Beats the heck out of me!

Kairos Multimedia, "...a UK organisation operating within the not-for-profit sector and aims to help Churches/charities/educational bodies take advantage of Information Technology," requested permission to list my page in their CD-ROM for WWW newbies.

A television network in Japan, NHK Satellite Broadcasting, requested permission to use my page in their program, "TV-Internet" over a period of several months.

My page is listed in "In the Kitchen" pages, "Recipes from around the world" "Japan", in Italy.

Who knows what is next!

Andy Warhol would not be able to explain all this with his quote about all of us getting our 15 minutes of fame. He would have to come up with something else. I think Garrett Morris of the old Saturday Night Live cast would be better able to explain it through his Puerto Rican baseball player character, who might have said, "World Wide Web been berry berry good to me."

Some Other Sushi Sites:

Wade's WWW Virtual Sushi Parlor. Exactly what it says.

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Comments, suggestions, and additionall ideas are welcome. Also, I may be available to repeat this presentation at your gathering or function.

Change Record

Created 21 December 1994.
Revised 23 January 1995 to add counter and clarify need to cook freshwater fish.
Revised 22 February 1995 to change from symbols to 1/4 and 1/2, and delete name and number of equipment source.
Revised 9 November 1995 to split into separate pages, and added the fame and fortune section with links to the guilty parties where applicable.