Nicolson Square

Star attraction of the square is Kebab Mahal. It's a bit like a transport caff, only with yummy curry instead of lardy lard. Being a veggie, I get pakora to start, then rice, peshwari nan and a load of side dishes. Top quality brinjal bhaji. I bought the t-shirt.

Warning: these guys don't mess about, so wash your hands before and after going to the toilet. Incidental good point: they've got a fridge full of cans of pop, you just help yourself, and they count the pile of empties at the end. If your gob is exploding, you don't have to wait to be waited on.

What else? Some excellent grocers, a Methodist Church which gives a home to a number of worthy organisations, and `Dutch House': supplier of cheap teapots.

Potterrow. Nicolson Street.

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