Coming soon on this page is a montage of Edinburgh's Mosque. It's taken a long time to finish: work was sometimes at a complete standstill, but they've managed to get it done. I used to look at it from the fifth floor of Appleton Tower, and it seemed so unhappy when it was just bare. Now the place is really thriving. I don't know how anyone can see such a beautiful building, together with the community it focuses, and still have any room for Islamophobia. Sure, every religion has its holy warriors, but much more important is the positive effect religion has on the lives of individual religious people.

While you're here, go to the Nile Valley. This Sudanese cafe goes absolutely frantic at lunchtime when the the students are around, but it's much more chilled later in the day. Eat downstairs if you get the chance. The lentil soup is superb. So is the falafel in pitta (get extra spicy feta). Both of these are available to take away at a very reasonable price, and they fill you right up. Staying for a larger meal, the foul is not to be missed, but come back lots and work your way through the whole menu. Top tip: have exactly one Sudanese coffee.

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