Musical Miscellany

Odds and Ends

These are odd bits and pieces about music I found which I want to share with the world at large. They may also give a hint at what music I like (apart from The Fall, that is).

If you like carefully crafted music which in well-versed lyrics draw attention to the injustices of this world, why not listen to those wonderful Bob Dylan records. Of course, you don't like Bob Dylan because he's a moaning hippie with a voice like a frog writing boring songs with crap lyrics, so here you will find material about

(I also have a discography of the archcrusties from Bradford, but I'm too embarrassed to admit that let alone put it on the web.)

Finally, have a look at the upcoming attractions on John Peel's exciting radio programme.

If you like the picture above, it's from the wonderful comics "Love and Rockets".

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