This is Christos Sotiriou's Asynchronous Logic and Computer Architecture Home Page.

I am a member of the Micronet (MAP) group. Our research is into asynchronous processors, from low-level circuit design to high-level compilation techniques.

The publications of the MAP group can be found here.

Contents :

Available Papers on Computer Architecture and Asynchronous Circuits.

Papers Presented in the 1st UK Asynchronous Forum.

Links :

Department of Computer Science.


Asynchronous Tools.

University of Manchester's Asynchronous Logic Home Page.

The University of Manchester's AMULET Home Page.

The WWW Computer Architecture Home Page.

Contact Information :

Christos Sotiriou, Department of Computer Science, Rm 1416, University of Edinburgh, James Clerk Maxwell Building, King's Buildings, Mayfield Road, Edinburgh EH93JZ, U.K.

Telephone: (0131) 6505169


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