Research Related Material

Publications and Notes

"Motivation for Providing an Entity Description Language in HASE." - (Unpublished note).


"An Interactive Environment for the Teaching of Computer Architecture." - (CIGCSE/SIGCUE Joint Conference on Integrating Technology into Computer Science Education, Barcelona, June 1996).


"An Integrated Learning Support Environment for Computer Architecture." - (3rd Annual Workshop on Computer Architecture Education at HPCA-3, Texas, 1997 - Third Symp. on HPCA).


"Simulating the DASH Architecture in HASE Simulation Case Study." - (Proc. 29th Annual Simulation Symposium, New Orleans, April 1996).


"HASE: An Environment for Hardware/Software Codesign HASE as a Co-design Environment." - (IFIP Workshop on Modelling of Microsystems: Methods, Tools and Application Examples., University of Stirling, 3-4 July 1997.)

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"Entity Linkage (Part I):  Investigation of Problems / Available Techniques." - (DRAFT - Unpublished Note).

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"Model Abstraction in a Hierarchical Architecture Simulation Environment." - (PhD Thesis Proposal).

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HASE Based Resources

"CommTrace - User Guide" - HASE Group Documentation


"EDL Manual V1.0" -  Documentation for  HASE's Entity Description Language.

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Simulation Sites & Resources

simjava homepage, devs archive