Rule Formats for Timed Processes

Proc. CMCIM'02, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, volume 68.1, 2002

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Building on previous work [TuriPlotkin97,Kick02a], this paper describes two syntactic ways of defining `well-behaved' operational semantics for timed processes. In both cases, the semantic rules are derived from abstract operational rules for behaviour comonads and thus ensure congruence results. The first of them, a light-weight attempt using schematic rules, is shown to be sound, i.e., to indeed induce abstract rules as introduced in [Kick02a]. Then a second format, based on a new and very general kind of abstract rules, comonadic SOS (CSOS), is presented which uses meta rules and is also complete, i.e., it characterises all possible CSOS rules for timed processes.

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