Rob Procter

Research interests

I am a member of the Institute for Communicating and Collaborating Systems (ICCS) within the Division of Informatics. My research focuses on Human Factors in computer systems design. My interests range from user interface design to organisational issues in the adoption of IT systems. Current research includes:
  1. The design of computer-supported collaborative work (CSCW) systems.
  2. A study of Human Factors issues in computer-assisted mammography, funded jointly by EPSRC and the Scottish Office.
  3. A study of social learning and multimedia in a bank (in collaboration with the University's Research Centre for Social Sciences).
  4. Select, an EC-funded project under the Telematics for Research programme investigating tools for social and collaborative filtering.
  5. A study of user-led design and development in medical informatics, a project funded jointly by the EPSRC Human Factors and Healthcare Informatics programmes.

My publications may give a more detailed picture of my current research interests.

Please mail comments to me if you want more information.

Rob Procter Department of Computer Science University of Edinburgh The King's Buildings Edinburgh EH9 3JZ United Kingdom Tel: 0131-650-5177 E-mail:

Last updated: March 16th, 1999