Some simjava applets

  • Task Farm - A cool example, simulating a task farm.
  • Memory Cache - A simple computer memory cache.
  • Omega network - An omega network.

    Some simulations built using simjava

  • Visualization of 3 Randomized Distributed Algorithms, Minas Lamprou, University of Birmingham, England. Includes visual models of Dining Philosophers, Leader Election protocols in a ring, and Byzantine agreement, with particularly good pictures of philosophers and Byzantine generals.
  • Simulation of concurrency control in a parallel database, Salim Al-Mazrui, Heriot Watt University, Scotland.
  • A DLX Model.
  • A cache Model.

    The following examples require a JDK1.1 capable browser:-

  • Simulation of distributed commit protocol,
    Steven Ramsay, Sept 1997. The code (tar.gz file)
  • Working model of the internals of the DLX processor, Iain Patterson, University of Edinburgh, Sept 1997.

    Multiprocessor Interconnection Network Models

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