Chez Lüth


Christoph Lüth

I was a postgraduate student (supervised by Don Sannella) at the LFCS from 1991 through 1995 (although it took me two more years to write up my thesis).These days, I am working at the University of Bremen.

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I jump to my feet: if only I could stop thinking, that would be something of an improvement. Thoughts are the dullest things on earth. Even duller than flesh. They stretch out endlessly and they leave a funny taste in the mouth. Then there are words, the sketchy phrases which keep coming back: ``I must fini... I ex... Dead... Monsieur de Roll is dead... I am not... I ex...'' It goes on and on... and there's no end to it. It's worse than the rest because I feel responsible, I feel that I am to blame. For example, it is I who keep up this sort of painful rumination. _I exist_. It is I. The body lives all by itself, once it has started. But when it comes to thought, it is I who continue it, I who unwind it. I exist. I think I exist. Oh, how long and serpentine this feeling of existing is - and I unwind it, slowly... If only I could prevent myself from thinking! I try, I suceed: it seems as if my head is filling with smoke... And now it starts again: ``Smoke.. Mustn't think... I don't want to think... I don't want to think... I think that I don't want to think. I mustn't think that I don't want to think. Because it is still a thought.'' Will there never be an end to it?