We are the Fall
Northern white crap that talks back
(from Live at the Witchtrials)

The Fall - what can you say about them? What are they like?

By wide consensus of anybody with half a music taste, the Fall are the best band ever to grace the face of this earth; so if you don't know them, it's high time you did. Having said that, I couldn't care less what kind of music you waste your insipid life with, so go away and listen to some Tom Waits, if you think you have to.

In these pages, for your delectation and edification, you will find a discography, a history of sorts and an interview with that epitome of causticism, Mark E. Smith (pictured above), which gives you a far better impression than anything I could write here.

There is a mailing list of followers of The Fall (known as "FallNet"), who painstakingly have produced an FAQ list, and a transcription of most of The Fall's lyrics. (Although I personally have my reservations about trying to pin down Mark's lyrics, it can nevertheless be interesting to see what other people make of certain mumblings. Be warned that the lyrics parade is far from accurate.) Even more, they have lately created the Offical Fall Website, apparently approved by Mark E. Smith himself, proving that The Fall and their followers are ever at the cutting edge of modern information technology (oh aye). Here's a collection of some of the more worthwile articles to appear on the FallNet (mostly interviews and gig reviews).

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