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No: 13
Producer: Whyte and Mackay
Region: Highlands
District: Northern Highlands  -   Multimap view
OS Sheet 21 ; Map reference NH 665 687 ; Latitude 57 41.2° N, Longitude 4 14.4° W
Founded 1839 ; Operating Status (1999): operating

Once owned by a distinguished local family, the Mackenzies', friends of James Whyte and Charles Mackay. A Mackenzie managed the distillery until the late 1980s. The Dalmore distillery, said to have been founded in 1839 bears a passing resemblance to a country railway station. Its offices are partly panelled with carved oak that once graced a shooting lodge.

The still necks are enclosed in water jackets.
© Michael Jackson 1994, smws

Distillery rating: 4*

Alness, Rossshire, IV17 0UT
Tel: 01349-882362


SMWS bottling 13.12 - Dalmore 1978, aged 15 years
A lovely whisky, complex and subtle, with an extremely pungent nose. The notes speak of "earth under muscatels and saffron cake". I could get the muscatels, faintly, and I could just about see what they meant by saffron cake, although it was not the same as the saffron cake (a Cornish speciality) that I know. However, I don't know what kind of earth the tasting panel are used to eating. In a proper tasting, I would put this one early in the session. [jw, 1995]

Dalmore, in my opinion, is the Glenfiddich grown up. It is oaky enough to be pleasant without dominating the palate, and just barely sweet enough to have some mouthfeel without being oily. It is peppery enough to titillate the tongue a tad, without capturing so much of your attention. It does not seem to have a lot of depth and it is not the whisky I would choose to winter in Alaska but it is a good value at 8. It has much more color and a bit more nose than Glenfiddich. The nose does not do such a through job of announcing the oak, either. The flavor of the wood in- trudes on the experience much more subtly. [jh, 1995]

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