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No: 207
Producer: Lang Brothers
Region: Highlands
District: Western Highlands  -   Multimap view
OS Sheet 57 ; Map reference NS 527 826 ; Latitude 56 0° N, Longitude 4 23° W
Founded 1833 ; Operating Status (1999): operating

An eminently visitable distillery, just over a dozen miles from the centre of Glasgow, and six or seven from Loch Lomond. Its home hamlet, Dumgoyne, is just across the Highland line. The distillery is in the valley of a small river that eventually flows into the loch. Sheep graze on the hills behind and burns flow into a well-tended glen, forming a waterfall into the red sandstone hollow where ducks swim in the distillery's dam. It is said to have been established in 1833 and was earlier known as Burn Foot or Glen Guin. It has been owned by Lang's since the 1870s. Since the mid 1960s (when the distillery was extended) Lang's has been a subsidiary of Robertson and Baxter. That company in turn has links with Highland Distillers whose subsidiary Matthew Gloag produces the Famous Grouse. As a single malt, Glengoyne has begun to be marketed more purposefully in recent years. About a third of the malt is aged in sherry casks.
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It is said that at one time the smoke from 13 stills could be seen in the area but now only Glengoyne remains. All distilleries have their tales and lore. Glengoyne is no exception and it is said that Rob Roy McGregor is reputed to have hid in an oak tree just a few hundred yards from the distillery.

Distillery rating: 3*

Dumgoyne, nr Killearn,Stirlingshire, G63 9LV
Tel: 01360-550254

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