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No: 210
Producer: Whitbread(Long John)
Region: Lowlands
District: West
OS Sheet 21 ; Map reference NS 45 65 ; Latitude 55 51° N, Longitude 4 30° W
Founded 1957 ; Operating Status: closed (1976); dismantled

Kinclaith was the last distillery in the city of Glasgow. It was built in 1957 to become part of a complex that already housed the Strathclyde grain distillery. The original owners were the American company Schenley, through their subsidiaries Seager Evans and Long John. When the latter was sold to Whitbread in 1975, Kinclaith was dismantled to make room for an extension to the grain distillery. The independant bottlers have stocks of Kinclaith.
© Michael Jackson 1994

Distillery rating: 2*

Moffat Street, Glasgow


16 yr old, 80 proof
Some character, smoother finish, but still not that interesting. Best of the lowlands I tried. [lh]

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