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No: 211
Producer: William Grant
OS Sheet 28 ; Map reference NJ 31 44 ; Latitude 57 29.1° N, Longitude 3 8.6° W
Founded 1992 ; Operating Status (1999): operating

Andy Sutherland writes:

I noticed the Kininvie distillery hidden round the back [of the Convalmore distillery near Dufftown] and decided to take a closer look. The stillman told me the distillery was built in 1990 ( as the brass plate on the wall says) and the first single malt will be available in the year 2000. He said it will be quite a sweet tasting malt.

Kininvie distillery only has a still house and no mash house. The worts are produced and fermented at the Balvenie mash house about 200 metres up the hill and piped down to the still house at Kininvie. The Kininvie distillery is operational 24 hours a day seven days a week, and is the most modern distillery I have seen. He showed me into the computer room and showed me how he can run everything from here without even going into the still house ( except when the stillman makes his cut) by using the mouse and clicking on the different graphical displays of the stills and heaters etc., it was that simple that I could even operate it myself by looking at the display on the screen. [as]

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