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No: 212
Producer: William Grant & Sons
Region: Lowlands
District: West
Map reference NX 19 99 ; Latitude 55 14° N, Longitude 4 54° W
Founded 1966 ; Operating Status: closed (1975)

Glenfiddich's lowland partner and like Glenfiddich, a component of the Grant's blended whiskies. Unlike Glenfiddich however, Ladyburn was not really intended for consumption as a single malt. As a single malt it is available only from independant bottlers. Ladyburn was a modern distillery opened in 1966 but it had a short life. The distillery was closed in the mid 1970s. An adjoining grain distillery, Girvan, remains.
© Michael Jackson 1994

Distillery rating: (2*)


Michael Jackson's book rates this a very poor whisky. [jhb]

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