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No: 27
Producer: J & A Mitchell
Region: Campbeltown
  -   Multimap view OS Sheet 68 ; Map reference NR 71 20 ; Latitude 55 26° N, Longitude 5 40° W
Founded 1828 ; Operating Status (1999): operating

The classic Campbeltown malts are those produced and matured on the peninsula by the Springbank distillery. The Springbank malts have a briny quality that seems more evident in the Campbeltown whiskies then in those from any other coast.

Springbank has been owned by branches of the same family since it was founded in 1828 and continues to be run with characteristic Scottish caution. Like many distilleries it has had its periods of closure. The Springbank distillery also produces a more heavily-peated whisky called Longrow, not readily recognised as a Campbeltown malt

Set round a courtyard, Springbank has three stills but uses them in conventional double configuration. It is an elderly eccentric among distilleries.
© Michael Jackson 1994

See also articles in SMWS Winter 94 newsletter and the Spring 1995 Malt Advocate

Distillery rating: 5*


15 yr old, 92 proof
This malt makes clear why Cambeltowns are often put in class by themselves. Thick and rich, with relatively little of the iodine that distinguishes the other Maritime malts. Wonderful. [lh]

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