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North Port/Brechin

No: 74
Producer: United
Region: Highlands
District: Eastern Highlands
Map reference NO 60 60 ; Latitude 56 43° N, Longitude 2 41° W
Founded 1820 ; Operating Status: closed (1983); demolished

The name indicates the north gate of the once-walled small city of Brechin. The distillery was built in 1820. The pioneering whisky writer Alfed Barnard, who toured Scotland's distilleries in the 1880s recorded that this one obtained its barley from the farmers around Brechin, its peat and water from the Grampian mountains. The present-day whisky historian Derek Cooper reports that the condensers were cooled in a stream that ran through the distillery. North Port was modernised in the 1970s and closed in 1983. Its whisky can still be found as a single malt from the independant bottlers. The whisky has also been a component of the Glen Dew vatted malt and the Heather Dew blends.
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Distillery rating: (2*)

Brechin, Angus

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