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Glenury Royal

No: 75
Producer: United
Region: Highlands
District: Eastern Highlands
Map reference NO 87 86 ; Latitude 56 57° N, Longitude 2 15° W
Founded 1825 ; Operating Status: closed (1985)

Glenury Royal is on the east coast, south of Aberdeen and close to the fishing port and resort of Stonehaven. The distillery takes its name from the glen running through the Ury district. Its founder, Captain Robert Barclay a local Member of Parliament was also an athlete and marathon walker. This flamboyant character had a friend at court to whom he referred coyly as "Mrs Windsor" and through whose influence he was given permission by King William IV to style his whisky "Royal". The distillery was founded in 1825 and rebuilt in 1966. Its whisky can be found as a bottled single malt though it has never been widely available nor very well known. It is a component of the blends made by the small company John Gillon, a Distillers Company Limited subsidiary until the takeover by United Distillers. The distillery has been temporarily closed since 1985.
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Distillery rating: (3*)

Stonehaven, Kincardineshire

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