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No: 95
Producer: International Distillers
Region: Highlands
District: Speyside  -   Multimap view
OS Sheet 28 ; Map reference NJ 335 516 ; Latitude 57 33° N, Longitude 3 6° W
Founded 1974 ; Operating Status (1999): operating

[mj] entry under "Singleton": "A designer whisky" said the cynics, when The Singleton was launched as a bottled malt in 1986. The brand-name, seeking to imply a singularity, was (and is) contrived, ostensibly because the producers felt that the name of the distillery, Auchroisk (pronounced "Othroysk") was too difficult for the prospective customer.

The distillery was the fourth distillery to be established by Justerini & Brooks. It came on stream in 1974 with eight stills but twelve years passed before the first whisky was released as a bottled single malt. Water comes from a natural spring called Dorie's Well. Auchroisk means "Ford of the red stream" in Gaelic.

Distillery rating: 4*

Mulben, Banffshire
Tel: 01542-860333


Singleton 12 yr old, 80 proof
One of the major surprises of the trip. I had never head of this before, but found it to be a new favorite. It is a very new distillery, founded in 1975, and just started releasing whiskys. The modern techniques lead to a malt that is so smooth it is almost invisible. A great malt to start with, especially for someone who doesn't usually like hard liquor. At the same time, an interesting experience for the more serious drinker. This kind of scientific approach to creating great spirits is in a way similar to the results that Germain-Robin (California) has had with brandy. [lh]

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