Scottie's Second Programming Corner..

the original can be found here.., and it's crap.

So, with my spare time, I enjoy discussing and making little games, the great emphasis being on little.. However, at the moment, I'm rather occupied with a little project that's being worked on by myself and David McIntosh (aka Leynos). Ultimate Syndicate! Using almost entirely different languages and platforms, we regularly read (and complain about) each other's code.

Descriptions of us borrowed(read: wholeheartedly STOLEN from Memphis' website..)


DOS, Linux and Win32 project maintainer

Kicks ass and chews bubblegum. The absolute meister in Games / Graphics Programming. Can code a raster effect using only the C preprocessor. First person to reverse engineer Sorenson. Defaced every single programming language in existent. "Scottenmeister" (as ppl like to call him) is a person in Computer Science. He is also a violent member of the Edinburgh University CompSoc... Saying "violent" was his idea. Which means he is an interesting person... not at all afraid of being ironic. Owns a baseball bat, but doesn't play baseball. You might have seen him in the Quake3 intro video. Top games programmer and consultant.

MacOSX and MacOS9 project maintainer.

Weird bloke who once laughed for five minutes solid in a lab, totally confusing everyone else. Has portable PC in his right pocket, zip disks in the other. Leynos! One word can describe this guy. He's the King of downloads, the Emperor of all downloaders, thats two, but you get the picture. You name it, he has it. From MP3's to un-released films on all sorts of weird codecs. He has a stock pile of what you nearly could call warez in his flat, all categorized. He's also a fanatic of a minority Apple computer. Hes from Kinross and is currently studying in Edinburgh University doing CS. If you get a slow net connection in the labs, then you know whos hogging all the bandwidth for his downloads.

You can find the design document, in Word 7 format here.. LaTeX (then PDF/HTML/PS and DVI versions coming soon)



Hah, you'll be lucky! Give me a year..

Scott Macdonald