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Welcome to the
Edinburgh LFCS

LFCS has played a major role in the development of the ML programming language. We continue that tradition with these regular meetings to discuss the language's theory, implementation and use. We are interested in many aspects of the language as well as other functional programming languages and related subjects.

Anyone is welcome to come along. If you are from outside the University, please e-mail so we know to expect you.

The time, the place:

  • 11:00am, every Thursday
  • Room 2511 in JCMB
  • For announcements, join our mailing list

    Announcements of future meetings go on our low volume (1 or 2 messages per week) mailing list
  • E-mail with the message info ml-club for information.
  • or the message subscribe ml-club to join the list.
  • Future meetings

    Past meetings

  • 8th July: Dave MacQueen, Bell Labs, The Status and Future of SML/NJ
  • 24th June: Dilsun Kirli, A Static Type System for Detecting Potentially Transmissible Functions
  • Abstract and slides and her paper.
  • 3rd June: Conor McBride, Developing Dependently Typed Programs in LEGO. Abstract and slides .

  • Please e-mail suggestions for future talks!
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