PEPA — Performance Evaluation Process Algebra

Featured papers

Here we list papers on PEPA which have been influential and are a good place to begin reading about the techniques involved and the applications of PEPA.

Fluid-flow Approximation of PEPA Models, Jane Hillston, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Quantitative Evaluation of Systems (QEST'05), Torino, Italy, 2005.

Abstract: In this paper we present a novel performance analysis technique for large-scale systems modelled in the stochastic process algebra PEPA. In contrast to the well-known approach of analysing via continuous time Markov chains, our underlying mathematical representation is a set of coupled ordinary differential equations (ODEs). This analysis process supports all of the combinators of the PEPA algebra and is well-suited to systems with large numbers of replicated components. The paper presents an elegant procedure for the generation of the ODEs and compares the results of this analysis with more conventional methods.

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