Performance Evaluation Process Algebra

PEPA Club is a community within the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science , University of Edinburgh centering around applications of stochastic process algebra. The Performance Evaluation Process Algebra , or PEPA, was invented by Jane Hillston during her PhD, and is now widely used for stochastically modelling all sorts of concurrent systems. Current research interests of PEPA Club members include:

  • Modelling and performance analysis of communications protocols and web services.
  • Systems biology (in particular, modelling of signalling pathways).
  • Tools for performance modelling and analysis.
  • Model checking of stochastic models.
  • Performance analysis and software engineering.
  • PEPA Nets (PEPA with mobile agents).
  • Non-Markovian semantics of PEPA (in particular, ODE semantics).
  • Stochastic abstraction of code.

We meet once a week, usually at 11am on Fridays in room 3.02 of the Informatics Forum. All are welcome to attend. Nourishment usually in the form of a cake is provided each week by members on a semi-rotating-random basis.

The PEPA group A PEPA cake