The PEPA Plug-in Project

Stephen Gilmore
The godfather, so to speak of PEPA tools. We all pay homage to our mentor. We were told we'd get a really good view of the Firth of Forth if we didn't get a new binary out soon.

Mirco Tribastone
Creator of the PEPAto library and much of the work on the Eclipse UI. You can look upon Mirco as the chief software engineer of the new PEPA workbench. Mirco is connected to the Sensoria project.

Adam Duguid
Adam is responsible for the code that connects PEPA with ISBJava. If anything connected with time series analysis is broken or looks plain ugly it's probably his fault.

Allan Clark
Allan is one of the lead developers of ipclib. Stay tuned for more connected work with PEPA from this juggling Scots.

Michael Smith
Michael is the developer of the abstraction and model checking functionality in the PEPA plugin. His terrible puns have the power to bring coffee breaks to an abrupt halt. Michael was funded by a Microsoft Research European Scholarship whilst developing these features.

Who to contact

Praise for the fantastic work should be aimed towards Stephen Gilmore and Mirco Tribastone. Bug reports will have to be manual for now and should be aimed at either Mirco Tribastone or Adam Duguid - what reaches one will reach both. Bugs in the abstraction view or the model checker should be reported to Michael. Any Haskell queries, whether related to PEPA or not can be aimed at Allan Clark.