Boat Sushi (Gunkan- maki).

This is how salmon roe (ikura), small scallops, and sea urchin (uni) is served. The nori is cut into halves and then into strips about an inch wide. Rice about the size of a ping pong ball is formed into a mound. The nori is wrapped around the rice and held in place by pasting together with crushed rice grains. The rice should be pressed down so that there is 3/8 to 3/4 inch of space above the rice. The rice is coated with a little wasabi and the roll is filled. These are served in pairs.

For salmon roe or small scallops, about 3/8 inch of space is needed, and the roll filled with the roe. In the case of sea urchin (uni is an acquired taste/feel, though actually quite bland), the space should be closer to 3/4 inch. Sea urchin is spooned into about half of the remaining space. Usually, the sea urchin is packed slightly and the unbroken yolk of a quail egg (uzura no tamago) is placed on top of the sea urchin. (This is also an alleged aphrodisiac, and not traditionally offered to women.)

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