Other Sushi Styles.

Saikuzushi, or festival sushi is an art form. Rice is tinted different colors, sectioned off and rolled. When it is sliced, complex images are created.

Chirashizushi, or scattered sushi, is rice spread in a box or bowl with nine kinds of fish and vegetables scattered on top or mixed in with the rice.

Chakinzushi is sushi rice in a thin omelet wrapper shaped and tied like a lady's drawstring purse. Sometimes a single pea or small shrimp decorates the ruffled part of the wrapper.

Makezushi is sushi rice, mixed with vegetables and seafood that has been molded into bowls or square tins and covered with strips of omelet, shrimp and vegetables. Fukusazushi is a variation of this, where the square-molded rice mixture is wrapped in a thin sheet of omelet. This is turned over to conceal the seams and garnished with a nori ribbon and ginger.

Temarizushi are rice balls tightly wrapped in thinnly-sliced marinated fish.

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