Peter Hancock

Contact information

The infomatic world:
mail web (In Munich from 10th Oct to 1st December
The real world:
Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science
University of Edinburgh
The Kings Buildings
Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, Scotland
Mobile: 07855 253381


I (picture) have completed a Phd, at LFCS: Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science. I'm starting a short job till June lecturing in Swansea. CV: pdf, ps

I'm married to Judy (picture), and we have a 13 year old son called Joe.


operating systems, programming (especially with dependent types), logic (especially proof theory), philosophy of mathematics (especially applied mathematics).
More on my interests, publications etc.


Ba Mathematics and Philosophy, Oxford 1972. phd, Edinburgh 2000.

Systems programmer for many years. I worked in signal processing for material testing equipment, minicomputer design, functional languages, transaction processing, and file systems.


Some people whose ideas, work, and/or craziness interest/s me: people.

Some sayings that appeal to me.

Staying in St. Andrews? Try my friend Kate's B'n'B. Recommended by Finnish type-theorists.

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