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No: 40
Producer: William Grant & Sons
Region: Highland
District: Speyside(Dufftown)
OS Sheet 28 ; Map reference NJ 32 40 ; Latitude 57 27° N, Longitude 3 7° W
Founded 1892 ; Operating Status (1999): operating

The distillery next door to Glenfiddich, in Dufftown. Both distilleries are owned by the same company, and always have been. Balvenie castle, designed by the Adam brothers in the 18th century, became the principal building of the Balvenie distillery when that was established in 1892. Balvenie is in fact the old name for Dufftown itself and the town is surrounded by seven malt distilleries. Balvenie still treat a little of their barley in their own floor maltings.
© Michael Jackson 1994, o.m.

Their own leaflet says ... owned and managed by an independant family company for five generations .. grows its own barley ... still malts in its own traditional floor maltings ... still has coopers to tend the barrels ... and coppersmiths to tend the stills. [jhb]

The distillery sells some of its malt as blending material under the name "Burnside" (originally describing a Campbeltown distillery)

Distillery rating: 4*


18 yr, 80 proof
Refined, almost Cognac-like. Nuanced flavor, light peat, excellent finish. Dark, almost carmel color. [lh]

10 yr, 80 proof
Not nearly as subtle as its older relative. Pleasant, but unexceptional. [lh]

Balvenie 10 yo
A good Speyside. Fine and fruity with vanilla flavour evident. Yet another personal favourite. [tr]

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