Peter Hancock

Contact information

7 Cluny Avenue
Edinburgh EH10 4RN, Scotland
Phone: 0131 447 2555 (or 44 131 447 2555 internationally)
Mobile: 0785 525 3381 (or 44 785 525 3381 internationally)


In 2000 I (picture) got a Phd for a thesis titled "Ordinals and Interactive Programs", at Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science. I had a fixed-term contract as a lecturer in Swansea till July 2001, then worked on software for a machine for generating electricity from sea-waves, and until recently worked for a startup embedded operating-systems company. As of February 2003, I need another job.

I am willing to do any kind of paid work of which I am capable, especially if I can do it from, or near to Edinburgh. Academic CV: pdf, ps. Non-academic CV: pdf, ps.

I'm married to Judy (picture), and we have a 16 year old son called Joe (picture).


computer systems, programming, logic (especially proof theory), philosophy (especially concerning applied mathematics), music.
Writings, publications etc.


Ba Mathematics and Philosophy, Oxford 1972.

Phd Computer Science, Edinburgh 2000.

Experienced systems programmer. I have worked in signal processing (control of equipment for testing metals), minicomputer design (a database machine, using bit-slice technology), functional languages (Orwell, a predecessor of Haskell), transaction processing (support for 2-phase commit in OpenVms), and journalling file systems (Spiralog in OpenVmS).


Some people whose ideas, work, and/or craziness interest/s me.

Some sayings that appeal to me.

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