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The Edinburgh Malt Whisky Tour

John Butler

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16 Apr 2008 In its heyday this site was in the Internet top 100 popular sites but times change, I couldn't compete with the big boys without some sort of business model (or 48-hour days) and I eventually built a business in a totally different area (Forensics). It is still not a bad reference for all that and it is impartial. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Net's oldest Malt Whisky site. Here you will find descriptions, historical notes and pictures, statistics and tasting notes relating to all Scotland's distilleries and many of its whiskies. If however you are under the age at which your country allows you access to information about consumption and manufacture of alcoholic drinks you should go no further.

Distillery Section
The core of the site with descriptions, history, pictures, pronunciations and tasting notes.

Distilleries - Scotland
Distilleries - Speyside
Distilleries - Western Isles

For first-time visitors
A few things you may not know...
Glossary, how whisky is manufactured etc.
Western Isles tour of 11 island distilleries
Speyside Tour
Questions and Answers (English)
A small FAQ
Finding your way around
Malt Whiskies, distilleries, ratings
Index: Bransds - Malts, Blends etc.
Odds and Ends
Pronunciation Guide
A bit about some of the places
Other sites, newsgroups and mail lists
Acknowledgements, about the site
The Malts-L mailing list
Foreign Language Guides
Questions et Réponses (French)
Domande e Risposte (Italian)
Fragen & Antworten (German)

... and notes:

English, French, German, Japanese
Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Tasting notes
Personal accounts and group tasting where available, plus an academic paper or two.

Michael Padlipsky's tasting notes
Lapointe & Legendre's paper on classification
The Single Malt Society of the Pacific

Reference section
Statistical tables, bibliographies, historical notes and so on.

Dr. Do'g's historical archive
Statistical tables about Whisky
Historical notes & chronology
A malt whisky spreadsheet
Map References of Distilleries